Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

List of Formulae







what is markdown???

Markdown is a decrease in the selling is the different in the old retail price and the new price...that is,

Where MD is markdown
OP is old retail price
NP is new retail price

Khamis, 23 Oktober 2008

chain discount

A radio is advertised for RM480 less 10%. find

a) the net price,


List price = RM480

Less 10%= 0.10 (RM480)=RM48

Net price=RM438

The future value & compound interest

S of principal, P after n interest periods at compound interest rate, I per interest periods is

where S= future value or amount
I=interest rate per interest period
n=number or interest periods

compound interest, I is given by


A permissory note

A permissory note is a written document made by one person or party to pay stated sum of money on a specificed future date to a person or party.

The main features of a promissory note are payee, maker, date of the note, term of the note, face value, maturity value and maturity date...

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008


hMM.. TeSt aRoUnD a cOrNeR.. FuH!!!! HmMmMm...
i WiTh mY FrEn,aNiS StUdy AbOuT MaRkUp MaRk DoWn,sImPlE iNtErEsT,aNd AlSo BaNk DiScOuNt.. Im sAtiSFiEd StUdy In gRoUp BeCaUsE i CaN MoRe UnDeRsTaNd.. i AlSo CaN cOmPaRe My OpInIoN wItH mYfReN..sO,WiTh ThAt i FeLt I lIkE mOrE KnOwLEDgaBlE..hEhE...nOw.. i AlSo cAn ReMeNmBeR wHaT hAd MiSS ChEnG tEaCh mE..i AnD aNiS MeMoRiEs All THe fOrMulA ANd I aNd AnIs HoPe CaN aNsWer VeRy WeLL anD suCcESfUl..HuhU
sOmE of ThE fOrMuLa :
fOr MaRkUp AnD mArK dOwN..
R= C+M
bAnK dIsCoUnT..
D= Sdt
P= S(1-dt)
SiMpLe InTeReSt..
So, nOw I aNd AnIs MoRe MeMoRiES aLL tHe fOrMulA aNd mOrE EaSIeR to CaLcULaTe AbOuT bUSiNeSSMaTH..

Sabtu, 27 September 2008

Bank Discount

Farahin borrows RM 1oooo for three months from a lender who charges a discount rate of 20%... find the discount and the proceeds.

T=0.25 years



there are example for bank discount

Khamis, 18 September 2008

During Hari Raya season shirt,shoes,jeans and etc have trade discount... Shirt maybe at 10%,20% and 30% discount.. many people will buy because they very need to make their self beautiful during Hari Raya...

Sabtu, 16 Ogos 2008

assignment oh assignment

assignment oh assignment....begitu banyak...part 1 begitu menakutkan.... kenapa aku fikir begitu????? maybe aku masih baru dan belum mengenal erti kehidupan di UITM......

Ahad, 3 Ogos 2008

first blog

pembelajaran pertama saya....buat blog....